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Working remotely sounds like a dream come true. From getting to stay at home to having a more flexible schedule, many remote workers are excited by this shift. However, there are some unique challenges that come along with working remotely. Knowing which tools and resources are available can help transform any remote business experience and enhance productivity.

The Challenges

Staying productive is probably the biggest universal challenge of working remotely. Doing business from a personal environment offers many luxuries but also many distractions. These can become detrimental to the point where tasks are not being completed.

Another challenge is remaining organized. Without a supervisor or peers to serve as motivation, remote workers must find a way to get their work done in an organized fashion. This can be difficult because personal deadlines must be set.

The Tools

Even though these challenges are present when working remotely, there are a plethora of helpful tech tools that will defeat them.

  1. Zoom: For any video call needs, Zoom works wonders. It can connect people in any part of the globe for the purpose of collaborations, meetings, and more.
  2. G Suite: This is a set of productivity apps proven helpful to remote workers. This streamlined series of tools helps keep things organized.
  3. Asana: This tool is a great one to keep track of employee progress. It brings a collective to-do list to one place so everybody knows what is going on at all times.
  4. Slack: Communication is a key element of any high-functioning company. When working remotely, Slack can help bring people together through instant messaging. Whether private conversations are necessary or a group chat is needed, Slack can do it all.
  5. 15Five: This is a tool used to check-in with team members and to give/receive feedback, both crucial elements of staying focused and up to speed with deadlines. This app is great to monitor progress.

When using these tools, a much-needed boost of confidence is felt by remote workers around the globe. There are tools to help just about any need that a remote worker will come across.