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Aimee Barreto


About Aimee Barreto

Aimee Barreto is a government contractor from Odenton, Maryland.  For over twenty years, she has been working with several government agencies as a contractor. Working in the same field for so long has allowed her to build upon and improve her skills to the best of her ability.

She didn’t get started on her career out of nowhere. Aimee Barreto dedicated years of her life to fine-tuning her education. She first attended Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences to get her Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, then returned to the university to pursue her Master of Business Administration at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. 

Aimee’s education didn’t stop at Syracuse University. After receiving her first Master’s degree and becoming familiarized with her career path, Aimee Barreto returned to school and got her Master of Science in Government Contracts from the George Washington University School of Business. She got her Graduate Certificate in Accounting from the same school.

Aimee Barreto recently attended and graduated from the George Washington University Law School with her Master of Studies in Law. 

After and during her many years of study, Aimee Barreto worked as a Government Contractor for several organizations. She was given a number of responsibilities, such as forecasting, pricing, budgeting, cost control, monitoring, tracking analysis, and financial reporting.  

Aimee Barreto initially started along her career path by working for CDI Engineering. From 1999 to 2002, she honed her skills so she could excel in her position. Aimee is particularly skilled in financial management, cost management, task management, and business development. 

After leaving CDI Engineering, Aimee Barreto was employed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for twelve years. Aimee Barreto dedicated her time and efforts to giving her employers the highest quality of work she could provide, using her higher education and previous experience and applying it to the tasks she was given each day. She left her position with NASA for four months to work for the National Security Agency before returning to NASA for a year afterward.

Following her tenure at NASA, Aimee Barreto spent nine months as a University Affiliated Researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. In this position, Aimee was able to stretch her wings and further improve her skills.

Aimee Barreto is a professional and experienced businesswoman who knows how to use her skills where they’re needed most. She is experienced in program and project management, government marketplace and capture management, and is able to price federal government contracts thanks to her decades of work experience. In addition to these skills, Aimie is an experienced negotiator, knows how to handle funding, and can prepare task plan proposals. She has also utilized multiple salary survey sources and participated in proposal team meetings.

Aimee Barreto is a hard worker who gives her all to all the work she does. Her multiple degrees show that she loves to learn and is willing to improve so that her work and efforts are the best they can be.