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Whether you want to start a new business or have been successfully running one for years, podcasts are something that every entrepreneur should be listening to. Podcasts are perfect for those with busy schedules as they can be downloaded for later listening. Every podcast we recommend offers unique insights and useful interviews to help you succeed.

Tim Ferriss Show

Best-selling author of The Four-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss always teaches you something new. He has interviewed experts in numerous areas including pro sports and investing. During these interviews, he really digs in and provides you with tips and tricks that you can actually use.

This Week in Startups

What makes this podcast so interesting is the stories that the guest experts tell. You will hear about some of the most outrageous and completely horrifying stories about different web-based companies on the show. Information from Jason Calacanis covers angel investing and interviews with insiders of the tech industry to give you first-hand knowledge on emerging trends.

How I Built This

With host Guy Raz, listeners will learn some of the struggles people faced when starting some of the biggest companies. Guy has the uncanny ability to get people to share the most intimate of details. Listening to his show, you will learn more about the feelings and what people go through when starting a business so you know what you might face.

How to Start a Startup

If you are thinking about starting your own company, this series is one that you want to listen to. These lectures contain information from various people from Y Combinator along with Sam Altman. First delivered to students at Stanford University, they are now available for everybody. This podcast covers everything you need to start a business from the ground up, from developing and evaluating potential ideas to raising much-needed capital.


The unique aspect of this podcast is that you get to learn from listening to the interviews of proven entrepreneurs. Host Andrew Warner doesn’t just ask the easy questions, either. He digs down deep into their failures and their successes to provide you with valuable information.