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Your business’s name could set you on the path to success from the get-go—or limit it before it even gets off the ground. The wrong business name could drive away customers or even cause you legal trouble. Here are a few tips that can help make it easier to name your new business or start-up.

Make Things Easier for Your Customers

Your priority when naming your business should be attracting potential customers. That means that your name should be something easy for customers to repeat and remember. It shouldn’t be too long or have complicated spelling.

A good name should clearly convey what services you are offering in a catchy manner. However, you shouldn’t chase away potential customers by limiting yourself with your name. That means that putting a city name or one specific product in your name could hurt you if you branch out later.

Check That Your Name Is Unique

You don’t want people to confuse your business with another, similarly-named business or to have legal troubles with copyright infringement.

First, check the Internet for businesses with the same or similar names. Then, search to search if someone else has trademarked the name or if you can still do it. Finally, search the Secretary of State’s records to see if there are other corporations or LLCs with names that are too similar. 

You also want to secure your name before someone else has the same brilliant idea. Get the domain name (preferably with a .com ending), even if you have to buy it from the domain holder.

Spend Time with the Name

You want to ensure that you like your business name before you commit to it. Spend some time saying the name out loud to see if it sounds good. Get feedback from other people you trust, including people in your target audience.

Finally, be sure that the name sounds good to you. You are the owner and are going in business to achieve your goals—it should be under a name you feel proud of.