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When we think about music, we think about ways to entertain ourselves or concerts we want to attend. We fail to realize that it does so much more, depending on what you are listening to. The right tunes improve our productivity and help us become more creative. Music can also help lower stress levels, allowing us to concentrate better on the tasks at hand.

Classical Tunes

Often referred to as “the Mozart Effect,” researchers have long touted that classical music helps improve brain function. For example, people who listen to classical pieces are better at solving spatial puzzles and manipulating shapes. Researchers also claim that listening to this style improves a person’s mental and physical health.

The theory goes that the lack of lyrics allows people to focus more, as they aren’t trying to listen to the words of the song. For example, Fur Elise by Beethoven has proven to help students focus for more extended periods and better retain that information.

Nature Sounds

Listening to sounds from nature has proven to help concentration, promote relaxation, and improve a person’s cognitive function. To achieve these benefits, the nature sounds should be soothing rather than loud. For example, waterfalls and raindrops are soothing while animal noises are distracting. Businesses often play these sounds in the background at work to help mask more distracting noises, such as people typing or talking.

Music From Video Games or Cinema

These suggestions might seem odd, but once you understand the reason behind it, playing this type of music actually makes sense. Think about how inspiring some movie soundtracks are. If you pick the right one, it can make even the most mundane tasks seem fun as the music inspires you.

The same theory applies to video games. Composers create video game soundtracks in an attempt to enhance your gaming experience. The soundtrack is designed to allow you to focus on your gaming tasks without the distraction of hundreds of sounds. The music is pretty fast-paced to help push you forward and keep you motivated.