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When going to college, most people are focused on getting their formal education. While that is a great thing to focus on, you really should take advantage of these times to start creating your professional network. Building one during your college years gives you a head start and might make it even easier to find a job after graduation.

Reach Out to Career Services

College career service offices are not used as much as they should be. They are one of the first places you should go when enrolling in school because of the valuable assistance they provide. Career services offices offer help with creating resumes, but they can also put you in touch with alumni in your field of study.

Engage with Faculty and Staff

You really want to engage with faculty in your field of study. Don’t just sit in the back of the class and let this opportunity pass you by. Professors have a lot of connections in their field, so make yourself known to them. Whether it’s former students or other professionals in the field, your teachers can put you in contact with the right people to get an internship or maybe a job.

When engaging with faculty and staff at school, don’t just stick to your current classes. Engage with professors and staff members of the entire department. One way to get to know others is by sending them an email to set up a meeting. You can also join research groups.

Attend Networking Events

While they are not offered at all college campuses, make sure that you sign up to attend them if yours does. When attending an alumni networking event, you need to show others that you are serious about these opportunities. Dress professionally and bring along your resume to hand out just in case an opportunity presents itself.

Be on the lookout for job fairs or specific events related to your career choice. The more events you attend, the better it allows you to build a more extensive network and improve your chance of getting your foot in the door.